Pro Tip

Pro Tip: Don't eat tempeh for lunch unless you keep Beano at your desk. I'm going to have to sneak out to the CVS down the street if I don't want to gas my co-workers out of the office.


The Blackjack Taco is in Canada now so I'll give one a try soon. That said, I didn't realize that the Cheesy Gordita Crunch was an LTO item in the US but I'm seeing ads talking about how "it's back for a limited time". It's a fixture of the menu in Canada and is usually what I order if I happen to go there. The last time I went to TB a few weeks ago I ordered a plain taco for the first time in ages... wow those things seem bland when you're used to some sort of sauce (sour cream, baja sauce, etc.) on a taco.


See, I think that's bloody brilliant, because there are a lot of people in the world that have no clue what they're eating. Ever seen that Penn and Teller episode where they feed that one dipshit a fancy glass full of generic cool whip and he thinks it's some kind of very delicate dessert? Same deal.


Pizza Hut can fuck right off now. I'm way sick of these commercials where they're doing fake hidden camera deals and they're feeding people pasta and wings and they're all "oh by the way. This shit's totally from Pizza Hut. Did we just blow your fucking minds?" And the fake real people are going "say whaaaaaat." It really makes the company sound way too full of their own shit and it's obnoxious.


We got some random "veggie/vegan" stuff sent out to our produce department. Chorizo was one of the things, so we tried it, it wasn't bad when mixed with some salsa and stuff. I'd avoid it simply because it had like a three month code date, when the tofu we get in is like three weeks. I don't trust things which have a code date that long out and is supposed to be "fresh".


I had a manager that did that so he could then borrow product from other stores so that way comps would go up due to making more money off of less inventory (since some people would simply forget to transfer the bullet bags over to our store)

also had a manager when I was down in Brownsville that couldn't run the store for shit. Didn't know how to properly order anything and we'd always fall short of product come Saturday night / all-day Sunday. I hated being on DT as the closing manager going to people and saying "Yeah..sorry. We're out of Matcha. Yes...I know this is the third week in a row and I'm sorry we're out of pound cake and various other pastries..."


I was once denied a Whopper because BK was out of the proper buns. I asked if they could just do it up on a different bun but they explained they were not able to do that.

I was told much later in life by a former manager that this was a trademark / quality control issue (meaning a Whopper is only allowed to be made with exact Whopper ingredients). I feel like I've told this story before on TOTSM though.


Turned out good, although not as heavily breaded as ones I've had at restaurants. I don't have a mixer, so I couldn't get the egg whites all fluffy for the batter. Stuffed peppers with chipotle cheddar cheese, tomatoes, cilantro, onions, a refried black bean/sour cream mixture, and rice. Salsa and hot sauce on top.


I might have to get in on that. Lemon shakeups are good and all too, but it's hard to say no to cornholing a vagrant.

I was craving donuts this morning, which is bad, because once you have it in your mind that you're going to consume donuts, nothing is going to stop you other than not being physically able to procure them. So I went to the gas station, where the sign said "donuts 99 cents, or 89 cents for two or more." I got three, and was charged 89 cents, with no sales tax or donut tax or other such surcharge. Shouldn't I have paid $2.67 for my trio of donuts? Why would it cost less to buy two donuts than it would to buy one? Are they desperate to clear them out? They were stacked vertically and the cashier may've had extremely poor depth perception and only rang up one, but then that would've been 99 cents. Did I commit a crime?


Turned out good, wife wanted to take leftovers to work for lunch today.

Marinated the tempeh in soy sauce, vinegar, with some diced garlic.

Cooked the tempeh in wok and then removed, then cooked some cabbage, a purple pepper, and a green pepper. Added some basil and cilantro. Then re-added tempeh. Stirred in some of this.

Added some chopped green onions and cashews and served over brown rice.


People will torture their children with battery acid from time to time anyway -- and who among us hasn't wanted to kill and eat an albino?


I was just joking on that "womens oughta be in the kitchen barefoot 'n pregnit" thing. My wife just likes to cook, and is good at it, so, prior to now, we split the work--she cooked and I cleaned up. I was also kind of intimidated by her skill so I hesitated in attempting to share in the cooking duties. But I've decided to try.

WRT the tempeh--we just like it. I'll let you know how it was.


I find it amusing that you don't cook much and seem to have made the impression in the past that it's a woman's job in a sense, at home. My girlfriend can't cook to save her life (unless it's quesadillas and sandwiches) so I kind of have to take care of that duty, not like I'd like to give it up anyways.

But anyways, why the tempeh and how did that turn out?


One of my resolutions for the new academic year was to start helping my wife with cooking. Since she's working this week and I'm not, I've made dinner. So far I've made a mango & avocado salad and black refried bean burritos. I'm gonna make a stir fry tonight with tempeh.


On May 21, 2009 Judge Morrison England, Jr. of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California dismissed a complaint filed by a woman who said she had purchased "Cap'n Crunch with Crunchberries" because she believed "crunchberries" were real fruit. The plaintiff, Janine Sugawara, alleged that after four years of purchasing the product she had only recently discovered to her dismay that said "berries" were in fact simply brightly-colored cereal balls. The judge commented "In this case,... it is simply impossible for Plaintiff to file an amended complaint stating a claim based upon these facts. The survival of the instant claim would require this Court to ignore all concepts of personal responsibility and common sense. The Court has no intention of allowing that to happen."


Bacon is the Anna Nicole Smith of foods—hedonistic, superficial, and willfully ignorant. Arterial self-destruction wrapped around a shrill, desperate vacuum. Bacon is your pair of yellow H2s slouching beside your 7,000 sq ft McMansion, all of it mere minutes from being repossessed by the bank.

Cilantro is Natalie Portman, Lily Allen, and Zooey Deschanel all rolled into one: responsible yet stylish, challenging and charming, intelligent without being pedantic. Recession-friendly in every way. Cilantro will make your modest meal a sensation before it goes out into the cooling dusk and mends your dilapidated gate with bailing wire and elbow grease.


Let's see, there was that Fisherman's Friday at Golden Corrall and Applebee's all-u-can-eat riblet special...


I'll be the first to admit I have NO refined taste whatsoever. I don't care about the social aspect of eating out and trying new things. If I don't have to pay for the meal, I don't have to clean up afterward and I'm not throwing up the food an hour or so later I'm content. With that being said, my first thought was whenever I was a kid and would go over to my grandma's house she would make these kick-ass tuna cakes. I have no idea what she did to cook these things but goddamn were they great. Nowadays, I'd put my mother-in-law's homemade stuffing on this list (I mentioned this in the Thanksgiving thread), but not above those tuna cakes. They were greasy as sin, and she always cooked shit like this, but God bless her grandma made it to her 90s.

London Broil

Okay, this might sound a little gay, but w/e

We just moved about a month ago after a lot of fuckin' problems which some of you know about. Just as an example, a few months back my parents had to buy London Broil for 9 out of every 12-15 nights and my dad had to fry it because the oven was broken. I'm talking about that kind of shit.

Anyway, there's this place sort of around the block that we just simply haven't been able to afford a meal from in some time. It's not the best sandwich place, but some shit you just can't have. I still haven't went to a nice sit-down place in almost two years. We went there last week seeing as these sort of problems are done and dusted and I ordered a foot and a half long beef dip along with a shitload of onion rings. I finished the whole goddamn thing. Easily the best thing I've eaten, it represented some sort of closure that I can't see anything matching.


As for the absolute best thing I ever ate, I can't really pick one. I'd have to separate it all out by category probably (as in best French, best Mexican, best Cuban, etc.) but I'm going to have to go with the meal I had at local favorite Le Pigeon here in Portland. I ate some sweetbreads for an appetizer, a roasted pigeon, and foie gras profiteroles (!!!) for dessert. Definitely the best 3 course meal I ever had. But I really have a lot of love for the really simple pleasures and meals- I have a mouthgasm every time I get the opportunity to eat at Fatburger (which I adore and miss far more than In-n-Out) and pizza and sushi are my two favorite meals. Portland and Vegas are the only two places where I've really gone out to incredible restaurants (I was too young to appreciate anything in L.A. where I was a burger fanatic and in Miami where I killed it on all sorts of Hispanic foods to like anything else) and I can think of a zillion places here that all have their individual merits but no one meal at any one place that tops out everything, ever.


You know what, even as the board's pre-eminent foodie, I'll come to Mr. Dressup's defense here. I had this crappy pizza one late night when I was in Vegas last time with extra cheese and pepperoni and it was just so fucking good that when my girlfriend and I came back we ordered the same thing from all of our favorite local places for like a week and kept tripping about it until we got some with bacon and that was the only thing that topped it all off. I can totally understand the love for absolutely greasy, disgusting carnivorous fast food, especially if it's something you only have every so often and not something you eat all the time or anything.


How bad is it that my answer would in all honesty be a double cheeseburger with only ketchup from McDonalds or Pizza Hut with pepperoni and bacon?

It's not that I haven't ever eaten "good food", I just really have never had the taste for it. I do enjoy a home cooked meal, or dinner at a nice restaurant but thinking of greasy fast food makes my mouth water.


Feijoda Carioca made by one of my Brazilian landlord's she made in celebration of my 21st birthday when I was down there. Feijoada is basically throwing chicken, sausage, and beef cuts into your pressure cooker with the beans, seasoning and some bay leaves, then letting them all cook together mixing their juices and being super freakin' awesome. Feijoada Carioca is done with black beans and is done more traditionally in Rio de Janeiro (people from Rio call themselves Cariocas).

Topped off with some Pao de Queijo (literally Cheese Bread, but it's more like a baked cheese ball thing) and Bolinhas (chocolate balls made from cacau seeds directly) and it was a great day.


Very tough. It probably would be the duck breast I devoured back in June at Obelisk, an expensive-as-hell but extremely comfortable rowhouse restaurant in DC. The skin was crispy, the meat perfectly medium rare and melt-in-your-mouth good. The whole thing tasted like a rich, BUTTery dessert, except it was awesome-as-balls meat. I've never had a better prepared dish.


Good thread!

Difficult choice, though. I mean, we could literally be comparing apples and oranges here. So many different factors!

I'm going to say fresh calf liver and onions, fried cabbage, and homemade bread as prepared by my grandmother. I'd take a bullet after that meal. The woman is an organ meat savant, and the vast majority of the things I cook are either blatantly stolen from her recipe box, or dishes she made for me as a kid that I've tweaked or re-worked.

Runners up:

Bacalaito off a streetcart in Puerto Rico, washed down with cold Medalla.
That foie gras I ate in Vegas.
Fresh sugarcane in Jamaica


A thread dedicated to the single most delicious piece of food you've ever put in your mouth.

For me, it was a risotto at a restaurant out in the Hamptons called Oyster Pond, a wonderful little three-star sort of place that me and my family used to go to every year while out in the area on vacation. Bound together with a delicate French cheese and speckled with lovely little bits of bacon, it easily managed to outshine the pork chop it had been served with (which was terrific in and of itself).

Honorable mention goes to the spider roll I had at a local Japanese restaurant. Perfect. Best sushi I've ever had, bar none.


Eh, don't go to any trouble

It's brewed in Wilkes-Barre, that's why I asked. Supposedly it's real popular with college kids down there. Saw it in a liquor store up north here for the first time the other day, I guess they're expanding their distribution.

What do you drink, btw?


I agree with the general sentiment, as long as the sentiment is that they're pushing it with some of these main events. However, of Wandy's soon to be four fights in the UFC so far only one has not been worthy of being a main event. They are pushing it with some of the main events lately but this isn't one of them.

Plus, it's only one questionable main event every six months. Honestly I'm not too worried about that.


If this was a US-based PPV, I might say that it wasn't a main event fight, but for a debut event in Germany, that's going to be taped delay PPV in the states, which routinely draws the hardcores and a handful of casuals anyway, it's a great fight to put on. It's a first time ever meeting between two relatively big names that might not mean big numbers in the states, but is a big enough fight that the fans in Germany still feel like the UFC gave them something special.


I agree with the basic premise that Wanderlei hasn't done enough in the UFC to warrant being in the main event. However, business is business, and a Wanderlei Silva vs. Rich Franklin fight, to headline UFC's first show in a new market, is good business. Regardless of how their records look on paper, they are both name fighters who the masses will be able to get into, both individually and against each other.


I love Wandy, don't get me wrong, but he hasn't done enough in the UFC to be main eventing a card right now. His name worldwide is great, but his UFC record doesn't warrant it.

And I love the fight. Silva's bulldog knockout style vs Rich's technical striking. This looks great, but doesn't feel like a main event fight. Both guys are coming off losses


know a title doesn't have to main event every show, but they're pushing it with some ppv main events. Bisping vs Evans. Hughes vs Alves. Even Franklin vs (W.) Silva and Henderson.

None of those fights had main event feels to them. I hate seeing titles get held up on this show. The show isn't such a cool concept anymore


I think Rampage would eat a lot of kicks from Machida early on. He could rush him and go for the takedowns, but Rampage hasn't been doing that much lately.

Still not sure I am sold on Rampage and Lyoto as dueling coaches on TUF, but if that gets them in the Octagon so be it.

As a whole I did like UFC 98. I did not think that Hughes-Serra was boring, but it did certainly show that both have lost a step, as many posters have pointed out. Serra just barely missed on knocking Hughes out after Hughes got caught with the BUTT. I especially liked Round 3 since they split 1 & 2.

Edgar-Sherk was funny because it seemed like EVERYONE talked about how Sherk could dominate the fight if he chose to take him down and use his size advantage. You would have thought somebody in his camp would have told him that before the end of Round 2. For our Armchair Joe Silva, who does Edgar fight next? The winner of Stevenson-Diaz?


Actually, I think the Greco fight could serve as a good template. Obviously Machida's improved as a fighter in the years since, but Greco essentially came out with no fear on the feet, and while he didn't necessarily outpoint Lyoto on the feet, he was able to rush him and dictate the pace of the fight.

I think Rashad was just unlucky as far as the order goes; if Quinton would have been the first to fight Lyoto, it could have potentially had the same result. But that didn't happen, so now he can come in with a better game plan than the one Rashad used.


They don't have to come out all Takayama/Frye, but I would like to see more than three strikes thrown in one round. They literally did nothing for the first two minutes. K-1 MAX has the most elite-level stand up fighters in the world, but I can honestly say I have never seen a boring match in that organization.

As for Rampage, it's not like he saw the Evans fight and thought, "You know what, I'm going to go out and do the exact same thing because it worked so well." Jackson's stand up defense is better than Evans (except leg kicks) and he also has a granite jaw; he's also more aggressive and even stronger than Rashad too, which is saying something. I think he'll test Machida by trying to get it to the ground, which is a mystery zone as far as we're all concerned, although if Sam Greco could get side control on Machida, I would think Quinton could do the same.

'Shad/Lyoto match

I don't think the beginning of the 'Shad/Lyoto match was boring at all. To me, the first eight minutes or so was tension building and anticipation. That is what you get from professional fighters, especially from fighters who are counter-punchers/strikers. It's no different in boxing where you regularly see elite-level fights feel each other out for sometimes 2-3 rounds before either one is really willing to give in and engage too much. The whole idea is to draw the other guy into making a mistake, and not abandon your own gameplan. I could see if you had 5 full rounds of them stalking each other, but some of you were honestly calling the beginning a "snoozer" after merely a round of it? IMO, if you want fighters to come out and just start swining haymakers go watch a toughman challenge or watch the undercard bouts and you will realize why most of those guys will stay on the undercard forever, or be on local circuits within a few months.


Originally Posted by Corcaigh via extremeskins.com
'You're just bitter and lonely because your worldview isn't built on the belief that a cosmic Jewish Zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree."


Rampage has a pretty good chin to, so I can see Rampage making trying to utilize his wrestling, be willing to take a punch in order to move in for the takedown, but even if that's successful it is a risky endeavor because Lyoto is a blackbelt in BJJ.

We might have our new long-term champion at LHW


In Machida's last two fights, we have seen what happens when someone tries to be the aggressor(Thiago) and when someone tries to be a counter-righter(Evans), both had the same result, Nasty KOs.

For a second there I though Rashad was actually willing to take some kicks from Machida in order to time them for counters. With two counter-fighters, sometimes the early rounds can be deceiving as far as what you think you see taking place. However, Machida saw his opening and took no chances and put Evans away as soon as he had the chance. Watching the fight again, Evans basically looked out on his feet, or at least rubbery-legged even before that final flurry he took up against the cage.

I think the only remaining question is, what happens when someone finally does make contact with a good strike to Machida. Other then that, he is not showing any holes in his game.


This didn't seem like one of the weaker UFC cards in recent memory to me, coming from someone who does get every show, or at least has in the last 3-4 years at least. It wasn't show of the year, but it wasn't anything shitty either. The main event, when all was said and done, did seem like a true main event to me, though as I couldn't believe Evans got KTFOd like that but it came off like a huge/significant moment all the same as Machida's starpower had to go up a ton by the end of it. Machida was just relentless there. Otherwise, the match itself was what HTQ mentioned it as possible, that being a bit of a chess match of sorts, each guy feeling the other out so much that it was getting a bit ridiculous.


Machida/Evans was another fight I was expecting to be a snoozer, and for the first 8 minutes it was. I used to dislike Machida with extreme prejudice, but my stance on him has softened the more he proves himself. You have to give it to him because he NEVER strays from his game plan. He knows that by remaining patient as the fight progresses, his opponent will become increasingly frustrated at Lyoto's apparent inactivity. Then, when the moment arrives, Lyoto either makes an unexpected offensive attack or takes advantage of his opponent's frustration with his excellent counter game. Couple that with his solid defense, and you have an opponent who could be a scourge in the division for months to come. Even the fact that many parts of his game are still a mystery is a strength: like that alley way or cave you don't want to go into as a kid because you don't know what dangers lurk within.

Overall though, one of the weaker cards in recent memory, and I feel sorry for anyone who shelled out 60 bucks to see it. And hopefully Pat Barry got his senses knocked back into him so he can return to K-1 where he rightfully belongs.


It seems like Sherk abandons all aspects of his wrestling game if his opponent is someone who is able to compete with him in that area, and as Linx mentioned earlier it doesn't help him any if he doesn't have a competent stand up game.

Chael did what was needed to secure a victory, but it didn't make for a particularly interesting fight.

Not much to say about McFedries/Xavier; X just left himself wide open, and for someone who has as much power as Drew does, that's a fatal mistake.

Hughes/Serra was predictably boring, if anything it was a draw, but usually in close fights like this the fighter with more clout in the organization usually ends up taking it.


This was a fun show, especially coming the debacle of a show that was UFC 97.

- Edgar looked much improved and showed some great hands. Sherk is a goddamn tard for not taking the fight to the ground in the third.

- I know Team Quest isn't exactly known for their grappling wizardry but goddamn Chael, pass the fucking guard. Miller disappointed me by offering up pretty much next to nothing.

- Sucks that Professor X will likely get cut after this, he's an exciting fighter but hey- Hard Hitting Drew McFedries hits hard.

- Sozynski's going to get touched by anybody above a decent striker if he fancies himself a stand-up guy. Left himself wide open most of the fight. Still, good for him.

- I had Hughes by a very thin margin when I first watched the fight but upon second viewing I can see it being a draw. Both guys looked pretty bad though. I think Serra was contemplating retirement when Rogan was interviewing him but held back on saying it. He can't cut to 155 anymore and knows he's going to get blown out at 170. Nowhere to go.

- Goddamn. I seriously hope Lyoto gets a long title reign not only because I want to see him succeed but because LHW needs a stable champion. That entire division is shitting themselves right now, I have no doubt.


I didn't think Lyoto would do what he did...but what he did was even more intimidating then his usual tactics. Rashad was never in that fight, and it wasn't due to Lyoto's "elusive" tactics. That end was a slugfest, but where as Rashad was going for power, Lyoto was striking him right where it counted.

There's no one at LHW right now I can say has a chance outside of a fluke punch. Rampage has to be terrified after watching Rashad be destroyed, someone who fights very similar to Rampage. There's no place I can say Rampage has a chance with Lyoto. Even if he can get Lyoto down, I don't think he can keep him there and avoid submissions.

LHW has probably gotten it's dominate champion in the vein of Anderson and GSP


I see Machida being champion for a long time. Picked Rashad apart and once he had him hurt just brutalized him.

Hughes should probably quit while he's ahead, based off this fight if he steps in the cage with the likes of Alves & St. Pierre again he'll get murdered even worse than the last time he fought them.

Really happy to see Edgar win, a great performance by him assisted by Sherk fighting like an idiot. Abandoning his dominant wrestling to be a one-dimensional midget boxer, throwing 90% hooks despite having T-Rex arms is going to lose him plenty of fights and see him out of the UFC far quicker than being boring will.


The ref didn't give poor Rashad a chance to straighten his leg out before he ended it.

Krystof was probably trying to figure out ways to spend his $70,000 KO bonus as the main event started. At least his back tattoo is coming along nicely.


The WWECLASSICS.com archive . . .


That was a close third round to me, but Hughes still took it, hell of a reversal by Serra though near the end there. Pretty strong fight, now looking back, Serra was a little too cocky for his own good here though. He never converted enough for it to mean anything although he was damn close.


Oh, man. Serra may have just preemptively topped "A Country Boy Can Survive." That's no small task.

EDIT: I dunno... Hughes may still have the most appropriately awesome walk-in music of all time.

Fuck, the UFC game needs walk-ins.


Phillipe Nover vs. Kyle Bradley
Round 1
Both are cautious to begin the contest. Nover tries to clinch, but Bradley shoves him to the ground. Bradley lands a huge right hand and hurts Nover. Nover rolls over and Bradley lands some moderately-sharp right hands. Nover slips onto his face, trying to grab a leg. Referee Yves Lavigne steps in and stops it but Nover rolls over again. Yves backs away but then Bradley lands some more glancing blows. Nover springs right up and there is confusion while Lavigne waves his arms at 1:03 of the first. The fight is over and Nover doesn't look hurt. The crowd boos rabidly. Replays show Nover wasn’t hurt. Massive gaffe by Lavigne.


The UFC knows that a lot of their fans get together and chip in for PPVs, so they think they can get away with the increases. I don't mind them paying fighters small purses, but it is hard to support the UFC when they start charging the fans more just because they think they can. Not cool. When fans eventually are unwilling to pay for PPV's, it's not like they come back when the price is lowered.


Quote from: AboveAverage484 on May 22, 2009, 11:53:39 PM
I've recently come to the conclusion that MMA PPV's are too risky a venture to spend 50 dollars, unless it happens to be in a group setting and everybody chips in; the chances of a card being a complete dud, no matter the fighters, is always there. I think the days of me feeling obligated to spend money to support a sport struggling for recognition are over.

They expect people to shell over $100 in a month for 2 PPV's, like in August? That's disgusting man.

Originally Posted

Originally Posted by Corcaigh via extremeskins.com
'You're just bitter and lonely because your worldview isn't built on the belief that a cosmic Jewish Zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree."

putting the parlay

That's a fight I don't want to touch, as I was thinking of putting the parlay on Nover, but he's too much of an unproven commodity to be that huge a favourite. He beat up on shit guys on the show, and he's never really beaten anyone significant outside of it. Bradley, sucks, so even with a line like that I don't want to put money on him either.

I realised something this week, that not all MMA Lines are created equal:


This has odds from a bunch of different sites. I figured from my experience with finance that the market evens itself out and that all lines end up being equal across different sources, but there are some big gaps here that should encourage one to place some money if they feel confident about a specific fight.

Thanks LT. I figured the Miller fight to be the most dangerous, but I think with Sonnen's lack of fight IQ combined with Miller's toughness and consistency, there is not much chance of him getting upset.

Rashad Evans

Rashad Evans +150
Lyoto Machida -200

Matt Hughes -278
Matt Serra +250

Sean Sherk -333
Frank Edgar +240

Drew McFedries -138
Xavier Foupa-Pokam +140

Dan Miller -164
Chael Sonnen +125

Phillipe Nover -400
Kyle Bradley +275

Yoshiyuki Yoshida -556
Brandon Wolff +350

Pat Barry -357
Tim Hague +250

Krzysztof Soszynski -120
Andre Gusmao -110

Dave Kaplan +110
George Roop -143

I put cash on Serra, machida and Bradley. Could easily go 0-3

fight that is undoubtedly

It's a fight that is undoubtedly taking place beyond it's peak in terms of interest. That said, they still have footage from TUF 6 that they can use to make it a fight that a lot of casual fans will want to see.

While Hughes is past his peak as well, I think he has more than enough left to handle Serra. While Serra did upset GSP, in no way does it reflect the true ability of both men; GSP went in totally unprepared, for whatever reason, and Serra managed to fight above his station. The fact is Serra isn't in GSP's league and, even now, he isn't in Hughes' league either. I think Hughes takes Serra down and makes his life a misery for three rounds.

fight that is undoubtedly

It's a fight that is undoubtedly taking place beyond it's peak in terms of interest. That said, they still have footage from TUF 6 that they can use to make it a fight that a lot of casual fans will want to see.

While Hughes is past his peak as well, I think he has more than enough left to handle Serra. While Serra did upset GSP, in no way does it reflect the true ability of both men; GSP went in totally unprepared, for whatever reason, and Serra managed to fight above his station. The fact is Serra isn't in GSP's league and, even now, he isn't in Hughes' league either. I think Hughes takes Serra down and makes his life a misery for three rounds.

believe Serra

I think people who believe Serra can KO Hughes are still somehow living through the GSP win as proof that Serra has legit knockout power which I don't think he does as the GSP win is the only TKO victory in Serra's career. Both the Alves and St. Pierre wins were from headkicks and flying knees, neither of which Serra has in his arsenal. Having said that, his stand-up is better then Hughes but I don't buy into this "If it stays standing Serra will win" talk.

rooting for Serra

I'm rooting for Serra. I just like him as a person more. I loved paying to watch Hughes for years though, mainly because I'd tune in to watch him lose, even when I was a casual fan.

Him going out getting KTFO by Serra would be great for me. It won't effect Hughes's legacy one way or another either way, his legacy is cemented.

Serra's video blogs are cool.

pretty much

That's pretty much my biggest gripe. Hughes has shown that he hasn't evolved enough to catch up to the new breed of fighters and even if Serra made attempts to up his game he's still too small to matter in the division. Overall I'd say Hughes has more to lose here but a win for Serra just means he's going to go down to somebody better then him not soon after.

game about

I don't give a shit. Both guys are talking a big game about how they want to butcher each other but there's also the unfortunate reality that neither can afford to lose this fight which, a lot of times, equates to a boring contest. I don't dislike either fighter but at the same time can't bring myself to root for anybody because regardless of who wins neither will ever amount to anything.

another reason

Not like I needed another reason to root for Lyoto but this is a damn good one....


Like we need another division held hostage by reality television. There is of course the possibility that regardless of the winner of Lyoto/Rashad they'll be on the show vs Rampage but I think the chances of this happening decrease significantly with a Machida win.

Main Card

Updated card with replacements....

Main Card

Rashad Evans vs Lyoto Machida
Matt Hughes vs Matt Serra
Chael Sonnen vs Dan Miller
Sean Sherk vs Frankie Edgar
Xavier Foupa-Pokam vs Drew McFedries


Krystof Sozynski vs Andre Gusmao
Brock Larson vs Chris Wilson
George Roop vs Dave Kaplan
Pat Barry vs Tim Hague
Phillipe Nover vs Kyle Bradley


I am more excited about Machida/Evans for where it is at in both men's career's. The fact they are both undefeated is cool and its Rashad's first title defense. I think I would buy a PPV for Rampage-Rashad, regardless of if it was for the LHW title, so I kind of like that Machida gets first crack.

I do wish Larson-Wilson gets back on the main card over Irvin-McFedries


I don't think it's fair to compare Sherk to Maynard in this case. Sherk is hardly the most scintillating of fighter around, but it's not for a lack of effort. Dude just doesn't have the stature to do much else. Maynard, on the other hand, is more than willing to simply jab, 1-2 and blanket an opponent on the mat for the win despite enjoying a massive size advantage over most of the division.

To compare how I think the fights will differ, I think Sherk will be more willing to exchange hands with Edgar, and will be more vulnerable for it as he'll suffer from a reach disadvantage and won't simply have Edgar's punches ping off as Maynard did. The wrestling will also be more closely matched, so a quick takedown for Sherk whenever he feels like it will be tougher to come by. I forsee more back & forth action, though ultimately in a fashion that we've seen before that offers no decisive conclusion.


Machida/Evans, Hughes/Serra, an Okami fight and a Sherk fight all on the same card, that's really tempting fate as far as potential boring fights go. I am looking forward to the main event and Dan Miller stepping up in competition, the rest not so much. Sherk/Edgar could be good, but i picture it being a repeat of the Maynard/Edgar fight so my hopes aren't exactly high.

a top 5 guy

yeah, but I think he could be a top 5 guy there with the other midgets. When he fought GSP they didn't look like they were even close to the same weight class.

This main event is one of the most interesting fights they've had in a while. Both guys are so good at what they do, and outside of Rashad with the Tito fight neither guy has really ever looked to be in trouble of losing in the UFC. Something's gotta give, and while I love Rashad (met him at a meet and greet here, cool guy) I don't see him winning.

worried in the

I'm not worried in the least about the fight not being exciting, or it not finishing. I firmly think someone will be finished. Who it'll be, I have no idea. But Rashad's on a kill streak, and Lyoto's changed his style to become more aggressive which led to the brutal murder of Thiago Silva. I also think the fight will be very exciting. I see this fight having an atmosphere. Not only is it top fighters fighting for a title, but their undefeated as well. As the fight gets nearer to the championship rounds, I can see it turning into a high level brawl with Rashad trying to get past Lyoto's guard, while Lyoto aggressively counters.

It's a goddamn shame I may not be able to see this one.

going to come down

I think it's going to come down to who is the most well rounded. Standing, it may be a wash due to Lyoto's awkward style and Rashad's precise striking and speed. I think they are both very intelligent fighters as well who can gameplan the best in the division.

I think it may come down to Lyoto's sprawl versus Rashad's takedown. Striking, I think I'd give Lyoto the edge if only because no one has ever gotten the upperhand on him there. Rashad's great, but it's hard to fight someone who has a unique striking style all to himself. But if Rashad can get past Lyoto's takedown defense and keep him down, he could very well win. We know Lyoto has ground skills, but outside of a few fights, he's never really needed it. His sprawl has kept Judoka's at bay rather easily, and Rashad's takedowns aren't really super elite level.

The most intriguing

The most intriguing thing about Evans/Machida is that both guys' most impressive fights have been their last two. With the wins over Tito and Silva, Lyoto is starting to really gel in the octagon. Rashad dummied both Forrest and Chuck. For guys who built a rep for not finishing fights, these two guys lately have not only been finishing fights, but wrecking their opponents. And while it may be a matter of "who will engage", I think equally as relevant is the fact that both guys are two of the most well rounded fighters in their divisions. Couple this with their current comfort level in the ring and it could make for a great fight.


The main is about as interesting of a fight as you can ask for at LHW, so for me that's enough to cancel out the apprehension over how fucking boring it could be. Similar sentiments Okami/Miller, as Dan needs the step up and Okami really needs to keep sharp against someone who can actually do something against him. I don't feel Sherk/Edgar, as it'll probably be another example of good grapplers putting on a decent boxing match with no hope of the fight actually ending early (probably the most valid criticism of UFC-style MMA at the moment). Irvin/McFedries is fun but definitely not main card material, and Serra/Hughes is all kinds of irrelevant while still possibly mind-nimbingly boring.

Larson//Wilson and either Nover, Gusmao or Yoshida on the main card would be much more appealing, IMO.

With Koscheck injured

With Koscheck injured Brock Larson has stepped in to face Wilson and that fight has been relegated to the undercard and the Irvin/McFedries fight assumes its slot on the main card.

I'm not sure what to think about this card. I'm really looking forward to Sherk/Edgar and Irvin/McFedries should be entertaining if nothing else. I have a love/hate relationship with Okami vs Miller because I love that they're giving Dan a test but I think it's too soon and, barring a spectacular performance Okami will just remain stagnant in the division, getting overlooked again for a title shot. Hughes/Serra might not be a bad fight per say but nobody cares about it because neither guy is ever going to amount to anything. If Hughes wins, he sticks around and loses to better competition. He loses, maybe retirement. I think win or lose Serra cuts to 155 after this as the GSP fight illustrated in supreme clarity that his lack of size will be his downfall at 170.

Then we have the main event. I'm excited but cautious. I fully expect the first and possibly second rounds to be absolutely boring as hell. Rashad's making his first defense, Lyoto is getting his first title shot. Both guys have a lot to lose here, especially being undefeated. That, to me, equals a fight where we might see two guys fighting to not lose instead of fighting to win.

I hope I'm wrong, though.

When: May 23rd

When: May 23rd
Where: MGM Grand Garden, Las Vegas

Main Card

Lyoto Machida (Challenger) vs Rashad Evans (Champion) for the UFC Light-Heavyweight Title
Matt Hughes vs Matt Serra
James Irvin vs Drew McFedries
Yushin Okami vs Dan Miller
Sean Sherk vs Frankie Edgar


Brock Larson vs Chris Wilson
Yoshiyuki Yoshida vs Brandon Wolff
Houston Alexander vs Andre Gusmao
Kyle Bradley vs Phillipe Nover
George Roop vs Dave Kaplan
Pat Barry vs Tim Hague

What is the deal with this show?

What is the deal with this show? They air it once a week, and then don't repeat it and show episodes of Unleashed and CSI like it is going out of style.

Not only that, but I haven't even seen a promo for this show yet. Not only that, but it hasn't even been uploaded to any of the normal spots I'd usually check to catch up after I've missed something.

UFC and/or Spike, I feel are really dropping the ball in terms of exposing this as a product.

Originally Posted by Corcaigh

Anyone watch it tonight? I forgot to set the DVR....


Originally Posted by Corcaigh via extremeskins.com
'You're just bitter and lonely because your worldview isn't built on the belief that a cosmic Jewish Zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree

fan of MMA

Since I didn't become a fan of MMA till around the end of PRIDE's existence, I have not really seen any fights from the organization. I watched this show and it's really cool to see guys like Rampage, Liddell, Shogun Silva, etc. compete against unfamiliar (to me) opposition as well as under the Japanese rules, which I know from watching DREAM and Sengoku events.

I've got the series set to record. Who else is watching?


Joe Rogan: "Alright, I'm here with a very pumped up Tamdan McCrory. Tamdan, it looked like you got a lot more energy."

Tamdan McCrory: "Man, I'm ready to f-, oh…I'm ready to kill, bro. That last loss to Dustin…really, he's a black belt, man. Shit, fuck happens. I'm sorry, I'm swearing now. But you know what: I hit the gym hard, I did the right things, I came back. Man, I've had every single thing go wrong this training camp. Dana picks my music. I didn't pick that by the way, just so everybody knows. That wasn't my choice."

Joe Rogan: "What song did you want?"

Tamdan McCrory: "I wanted…who here knows a little show called "Metalocalypse?" I thought I should come out to "Thunderhorse," because I rode in here on my fuckin' thunderhorse and handled business. I'm sorry Dana, I'm sorry. I'm just saying. But I trained hard. I'm battling illnesses, sinus infections left and right, but I came in and got my bread and that's what I wanted to do."

Joe Rogan: "And you did with an awesome performance. Congratulations. We look forward to seeing you again. Tamdan McCrory, ladies and gentleman!"


Miller has a better defensive guard than Silva, IMO. Trying to pound out Silva is a losing proposition (his chin's too good) unless you're going to mount him and force a stoppage, which guys like Sonnen & Marquardt obviously aren't going to do. There's no reason to think Silva isn't still terrible once his guard is passed (luckily for him, Henderson didn't have the jitz to get past his retarded-reverse-quarter-guard). I like Maia's odds of being able to submit Anderson more than Sonnen's ability to G&P him for a full 25 minutes.



Maia has the best chance to beat Silva of all anyone in the UFC's MW division. I think people forget that styles make fights, and it wasn't a super hyped guy like Henderson or Marquardt who gave Silva his toughest UFC fight to date; it was a weight drained Travis Lutter, who happened to have the top position grappling game to give Silva fits on the mat.


Originally Posted by Corcaigh via extremeskins.com
'You're just bitter and lonely because your worldview isn't built on the belief that a cosmic Jewish Zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree."

What really sucks

What really sucks here aside from the obvious is that Sonnen, Maia and Marquardt are all medically suspended until shortly before this show happens. Obviously Chael would be the front-runner as far as a replacement goes but even if he couldn't Nate or Maia would have done fine. I can see them getting somebody with a decent name at 205 to sign on and just have Silva fight at that weight.

I like BJ

I like BJ and Anderson co-headling cards. Especially since they are head-and-shoulders over those in their division. I am excited and think Belfort can pose a threat, but I also wouldn't be surprised if that turns in Casual Destruction like Penn-Sanchez.

And I love Frankie, but I can't see this ending well. Maybe worse than Stevenson-Penn........

B.J. Penn

B.J. Penn, who is a local celebrity in Hawaii, spoke to the Honolulu Advertiser and said he’s been talked with about defending his title next on the 4/10 show in Abu Dhabi. My gut is they won’t decide his opponent until after the Gray Maynard vs. Nate Diaz fight on 1/11, with Maynard likely getting the shot with a win, and Frankie Edgar as the best bet to get a shot if Maynard loses. He said he’s getting a raise to $250,000 guaranteed and a $150,000 win bonus, plus PPV points, starting with his next match. We never got what he earned for the Diego Sanchez match, but for the Kenny Florian match, his previous bout, it was $125,000 to show, $125,000 more for the win, plus a percentage of the PPV (which would probably mean well in excess of $1.5 million overall). He likely earned significantly less for Sanchez because the buy rate wasn’t as big, but he still did very well. Penn had the impression his fight after Abu Dhabi would be at Aloha Stadium in Hawaii, and wanted it to be with Georges St. Pierre, figuring they would need a fight like that to sell 40,000 tickets.

UFC 112 - Abu Dhabi

Matt Hughes vs. Renzo Gracie

Lorenzo and Dana really aren't messing around with these event locations, are they?


Champ Anderson Silva vs. Demian Maia (for middleweight title)
Champ B.J. Penn vs. Frankie Edgar (for lightweight title)
Matt Hughes vs. Renzo Gracie
Rafael dos Anjos vs. Terry Etim
Kendall Grove vs. Mark Munoz

Phil Davis vs. Alexander Gustafsson
John Gunderson vs. Paul Taylor
Nick Osipczak vs. Rick Story
Brad Blackburn vs. DaMarques Johnson
Paul Kelly vs. Matt Veach
Mostapha Al Turk vs. Jon Madsen*


What aren't kids reading 2

I kind of like the idea in theory, that a kid reads what they want to read for the class, yet at the same time, I've discovered books I enjoyed that I likely never would've picked up if not taught them (Virginia Woolf in general, "A Handmaid's Tale" by Margaret Atwood, "A Separate Peace" by John Knowles, "To Kill A Mockingbird", among many others). That isn't even getting into the short stories I discovered.

I like the idea of a student maybe bringing something to class for the first week or two and the teacher individually tailoring suggestions/ideas to that student (i.e. what was mentioned on Page 3?) to broaden their horizons and push them to slightly more challenging material.

A kid interested in warfare could be pushed to read "The Things They Carried" for example by Tim O'Brien whereas a person into more darker supernatural tinged material could read Nathaniel Hawthorne's "Young Goodman Brown" or works by Poe.

What aren't kids reading

Caught this in the sidebar when I was reading about Miguel Tejada tipping pitches to fellow countrymen. How do you feel about this? While there's plenty of merit to letting kids choose what they want to read, I still feel like there have to be books we've all read, whether they're by Judy Blume or John Steinbeck. But on the other hand, our school system's gavage of great literature often irreparably ruins the books in question, if not the entire concept of reading for reading's sake. Too bad it's not enough for our parents and public libraries to say "you really ought to read To Kill a Mockingbird" without study guides and SparkNotes and all that crap.

Terry Pratchett 2

"That's why gods die. They never believe in people. But you have a chance. All you need to do is... believe."

XIII. What? Listen To Stupid Prayers? Watch Over Small Children? Make it Rain?

"Sometimes. Not always. It could be a bargain."

XIV. BARGAIN! I don't Bargain! Not With Humans!

"Bargain now," said Brutha, "While you have the chance, or one day you will have to bargain with Simony, or someone like him. Or Urn, or someone like him."

XV. I Could Destroy you utterly.

"Yes, I am entirely wihin your power."

XVI. I Could Crush You Like An Egg!


Om paused.

Then he said: XVII. You Can't Use Weakness As A Weapon.

"It's the only one I've got."

XVIII. Why Should I Yield, Then?

"Not yield. Bargain. Deal with me in weakness. Or one day you'll have to bargain with someone in a position of strength. The world changes."

Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett, UK author with ton of best sellers here and abroad. Ostensibly most famous for his Discworld series of books but also author of The Bromeliad trilogy, the Johnny Maxwell books and more. He also did a stand alone book with Neil Gaiman called Good Omens which is where a lot of kids started to notice him in the states. His work often inspires spin-off collaborations with fans such as full color maps of the Discworld or conversions of his books to stage plays.

Pratchett's books are light hearted in tone but not always in subject matter. To paraphrase a recent South Park he is, "A genius literary motherfucking wordsmith." He is one of those people for whom it makes little sense, to me, that he isn't more famous than he is. Hopefully there are some fans on the board?

As a snippet example, here is one of my favorite parts from an early work. From the Terry Pratchett book "Small Gods." A discussion between the (perhaps temporarily) omnimpotent god "Om" and his, formerly singular, follower and prophet "Brutha." It is structured similar to bible verse as it is quoted from (into?) the "Book of Om" as the founding of the new "omnianism" with Brutha in quotes and Om speaking in capitals.

kkk Bowl VII

will update this list when more people claim their teams as the month goes on.

Buffalo Bills (Bob Barron)
Miami Dolphins (Spaceman Spiff)
New England Patriots (Harley Quinn)
New York Jets (Gert)

Baltimore Ravens (King PK)
Cincinnati Bengals (Teke)
Cleveland Browns (SFA Jack)
Pittsburgh Steelers (Kahran Ramsus)

Some fun notes

Some fun notes and generally interesting stuff from the actual eras...

Here's an article that mentions Josh Gibson flying out on a ball hit roughly 450 feet away.

Really, really fascinating Q & A from 1928. Mentions "Babe Ruth" Wilson swings like Zack Wheat. Also mentions Oscar Charleston could play LF, CF, RF, 1B, and P.

An article from 1935 calls Mule Suttles the "Babe Ruth" of the Negro Leagues.

Another reference from a 1938 game description of Suttles being the colored Babe Ruth.

An article from 1930 that mentions an anecdote about Giant manager John J. McGraw trying to sneak "Rube" Foster to ST as a Cuban before Foster was given away due to popularity as a Negro. The writer also compares "Casey" Horn to Rube Waddell.

A 1947 article mentions a guessed anecdote that Washington Senators Manager Clark Griffith and SP Walter Johnson saw Gibson and Johnson said Gibson was worth $250,000. Also mentions that he hit 12 HR in 1946 and 14 HR in 1943 at Griffith Stadium.

Surprises and Discussion of the Negro Leagues

In watching Ken Burns' "Shadow Ball" special on the Negro Leagues of the 1930's, I got interested in looking up game stats of one Satchel Paige. What's struck me is that he didn't pitch many innings (Usually 4-6 a game) and sometimes was used as a reliever. This blows my mind as I always thought of Satchel as somewhat of a Hal Newhouser type (Averaged almost 7-8 innings per game pitched from 1944-1946).

Now Paige definitely had a live arm with great strikeout ability but I'm still surprised to see many of his games being just 3-5 IP (this includes against MLB All-Stars in exhibitions). It seems he'd often start for the first 3-5 IP then leave the game for a reliever.

The Other TSM MLB Fantasy League

Before I start the league this year I need to take a survey.

1. Should we stick with rotisserie or do a Head to Head league where one win is given each week?

2. Should we use a standard live draft or take a shot at an auction draft? (Yahoo is offering auction drafts this year.)

3. Should we use the MLB player pool, or AL or NL only?

4. Is Monday the ideal day to run a draft?

5. Standard stat categories in leagues past were OBP, HR, RBI, SB, Runs, Wins, Saves, ERA, WHIP, K's. Should we stick with those?

6. Yahoo has an option not to make players available until their MLB debut. This eliminates the problem of guys like Strasburg being available while Jason Heyward is not. Is this ideal?

7. Any other suggestions?

Arena Football League back on NFL Network

Apparently, ads are touting that the AFL is back on Fridays starting this week. The games seem to air at 8 PM EST.


There's 15 teams including familiar names like the Iowa Barnstormers, Arizona Rattlers, Chicago Rush, Orland Predators, and Tampa Bay Storm.

Not a whole lot of recognizable names except for the following: QB Tommy Grady (Oklahoma City), QB Drew Weatherford (Tampa Bay), QB Erik Meyer (Spokane - Notable for winning Walter Payton Award), QB John Dutton (Cleveland), WRs Steve Sanders and Charles Sharon (Cleveland - Both came out of Bowling Green when Omar Jacobs was QB IIRC), QB Anthony Morelli (Milwaukee), and WR Chris Francies (Utah)

Always enjoyed the AFL since I discovered the Arizona Rattlers on TV. Curious to see how NFL Network handles the action.


Figured I'd start this as we're getting bowl games finished and more and more players are announcing they're coming out to enter the draft. I've begun to sour a lot on Jimmy Clausen as a QB prospect leadership wise, especially after the following comment made about entering the draft early: "I don't think we could have done more than we did this past year. Golden has played great. I've done my part. I think this is just the best time for us to go out."

So the guy's team goes 6-6 on the season, misses a bowl game, and he believes that he and Golden Tate can't do anymore than they did? How about finishing above .500? Making a bowl game even? Or *gasp* taking aim at a National Championship. It also irks me that he says he did his part as if the rest of the team's to blame for the 6-6 record.

On the other hand, Sam Bradford should be a steal if he drops due to his shoulder injury. He wins the Heisman Trophy and says, "This is an individual award but I feel like I'm receiving it on behalf of my teammates. I feel like our whole offense bails me out every game. They make me look good." He didn't have to even go so far as to say that his teammates make him look good but he did.

I also really like that he points out the relationships he's built meant more to him than money, "Some people think money is everything, but to me money is not everything. To look at these guys and look at the relationships I've built and the experience that I've had here. Not many people can say that." Just reading quotes like that makes others inspired and want to play for that QB.

I'll be curious to see how Bradford/Clausen/McCoy/Tebow shakes out QB wise during the draft.

Right now, I'd rank them...
1: Colt McCoy (Similar leadership/respect from teammates as Bradford. Either guy would be a good #1 QB pick)
2: Sam Bradford
3: Tim Tebow (Largely if he can improve his mechanics)
4: Jimmy Clausen